November 2, 2018 | Annie Terry

VOTING OPEN for the 2018 App Showdown Finalists!

Did you know you can vote for your favorite app of 2018? It’s super simple! Just tweet the App Hashtag + #AppShowdown to Vote for your favorites!
Every. Single. Tweet  counts as a vote.  Retweets count too!

Here’s more info:

Chaser = #Chaser = #Chata

Flowless = #Flowless

G1VE = #Giveapp

Leasemate = #Leasemate

Payments by Bolt = #Bolt

Paypie = #Paypie

Penny = #Penny

Snapdsk = #Snapdsk

Want to see them battle it out on the QuickBooks Connect stage for $100,000.  Tickets are ALMOST sold out.
Buy your ticket here and use code DEV to save 30%. 

See you at the #AppShowdown!


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