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Payments API

What’s New for Developers with Payments APIs

Today we’re very excited to announce that our Payments APIs are out of Beta! Last October, at our QuickBooks Connect conference, we introduced our new Payments API that enabled tokenization and charging of credit cards. The response to the launch of these APIs was really positive. We also received requests for more capabilities for the APIs. We’ve heard your feedback, and are introducing new services that will help you build the very best small… Read more

 May 5, 2015 | admin

News / QuickBooks App Store

Publish on the QuickBooks Apps store by May 20 & Go ‘Big Easy’ with Intuit Developer in Small Business

Do you have an app that is ready to take off and be the next big thing on our QuickBooks Apps store, but just haven’t made the time to publish? If so, we’ve got a little extra incentive to help get you across the finish line and start promoting your app to the 600k+ visitors that come to the QuickBooks Apps store on a monthly basis. We hear a few of you asking, “What does ‘Big Easy’… Read more

 April 20, 2015 | admin


Lean Startup Conference 2014

In the spirit of being lean, I am going to keep this post short. Thank you. ( Well… it turns out my boss was “not happy” with the short post) It was a rainy, cold day in San Francisco California where the annual Lean Startup conference was being held.  There was a storm on the horizon and to quote the morning news, “BIG storm is coming. The big storm will be big. And now for more on the coming big… Read more

 December 18, 2014 | admin


Money2020: A Hackathon to Rule Them All

If you weren’t able to attend the Money2020 hackathon earlier this month in Las Vegas, then you missed a lot of exciting and innovative teams working hard to change the world. The event kicked off Friday, Oct. 31 with a party at Club Haze.  My boss would fire me if I posted pictures from that event but you can imagine it was crazy! Saturday morning the hackathon started. I have to point out that the… Read more

 November 11, 2014 | admin

Payments API

Introducing the QuickBooks Payments Beta APIs

Payments is essential to the life of any small business. And increasingly it’s a piece that is becoming less physical and more digital. So when we looked at our platform, it only felt natural to add Payments APIs to enhance your ability to build the best apps behind small business success. So let’s take a look at the new QuickBooks Payments APIs. What can these APIs do? We’ve exposed two new endpoints to support payments: tokens and charges. Read more

 November 7, 2014 | admin


Don’t Panic Marketing – Webinar 9-11-2014

As promised, the September webinar will focus on how to best market your app for the QuickBooks Online user base.  Have you ever pondered the answer to life, universe and everything; then landed on the answer of 42?  Well Deep Thought has . . . and the answer confused everyone.  In this webinar we will provide information that is much easier to understand and gain value from than 42. Date: Thursday, September 11Time: 10am – 11am PDT (California… Read more

 September 5, 2014 | admin


8-14-2014 Webinar Survey Results

Another type of Data guyI am a data guy, when someone makes a statement I want to know the data behind it. One thing that has always bothered me is how organizations request surveys but never follow up with the results or changes they are going to make based on survey responses.  How are we supposed to know the surveys we fill out have an effect? Well to prove to you that we take survey results very seriously I… Read more

 August 27, 2014 | admin


Webinar Slides & Recording – Get Your App Ready for QuickBooks Connect

Thanks for those who attended the webinar.  We broke the limits of our GoToMeeting account so some people were unable to attend. In this one hour webinar we covered the below topics: New API Features QuickBooks Connect Timelines/Deadlines Workflows – A walkthrough of the most common questions we get about user workflows Common Security Issues Q&A Here are the slides (PDF): Developer Webinar 08-14-14 YouTube Link: Get Your App Ready for QuickBooks Connect … Read more

 August 15, 2014 | admin

News / Technical Tips

Guardians of the Upcoming Webinar

From the producers that brought you QuickBooks Oauth PHP Example and 10 New API Features that will change your life!.   Coming this summer;  a webinar so amazing it will blow your minds.  Featuring amazing PowerPoint transitions with exciting business speak including words like, “Optimization”, “Integrated Platform”, and “Synergies”.  Register Now  The main goal of this webinar is to review what you need to have your app ready for the… Read more

 August 6, 2014 | admin


New Reporting APIs You Won’t Believe We Just Launched!

After my last post I decided to actually go to to get inspiration for a title, and I was not disappointed. Also, I learned that the Kardashians are mentally capable enough to tweet. Is this a sign that the US education system is improving?  (If you can’t tell; Lori, my supreme overlord well respected boss, does not let me get out much #saveMe)  New QBO Reporting APIs: APAging Detail… Read more

 July 31, 2014 | admin