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QuickBooks Connect 2016 Developer Breakout Sessions Now Available

The QuickBooks Connect 2016 Developer Breakout Session slides and related discussions can be found in the new groups section of the Intuit Developer Forum. Please view the slides for any of the sessions you are interested in, even better ask a question or two to the presenters. Also keep an eye on the Intuit Developer Events page, as I will be having each of the session presenters on as guests on future Intuit Developer Friday Morning… Read more

 November 23, 2016 | David Leary

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Sponsor QuickBooks Connect 2016

QuickBooks Connect 2016 is coming soon! We’re returning to the San Jose Convention Center on October 24-26th. If you are new to QuickBooks Connect, this is your chance to get your app in front of thousands of accountants, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We expect all levels of sponsorships to sell out again this year, and like last year, Level 2 will likely sell out well in advance of the event! ... Read more

 April 20, 2016 | David Leary


8 Tips For Tech Detox Success

For many of us, we are always 100% connected, plugged in, or focused on some sort of technology based input. This is not healthy. Tech detoxes are becoming the thing to do, so I recently tried one myself. Here are my tips on how to have a successful tech detox: ... Read more

 March 21, 2016 | David Leary

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2016 Guide to Building a Small Business App and Launching on QuickBooks

Congratulations! If you are reading this post, you plan on using the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 to seamlessly connect your app to QuickBooks Online (QBO) data and publish it on (If you aren't, you may be missing out on the huge opportunity for developers in the small business market.) Think of this post as being your comprehensive guide to getting your small business solution in front of millions of QuickBooks users, and a network of over 100,000 QuickBooks ProAdvisors. ... Read more

 December 22, 2015 | David Leary


What is #UnicornLibations? The official history of #UnicornLibations

As we fall on the one year anniversary of #UnicornLibations, I figured this would be a good time to appease some of you that have asked: “What’s with the unicorn?” The Birth of #UnicornLibations Intuit has an annual internal conference called ‘Create the Offering’ (CTOF), essentially it a conference for about half of all Intuit employees that work on creating our products (including services). At last year’s event (CTOF14), the Intuit social team was giving out… Read more

 May 13, 2015 | David Leary