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Intuit Financial Data APIs (CAD) Update

Financial data aggregation is important to Intuit products and third-party applications alike. However, as Intuit hones our focus on our core products, we have recognized that providing aggregation to 3rd -party developers no longer fits with our core growth strategy. So that we can prioritize support for developer contributions that directly enhance the QuickBooks platform, we have decided to discontinue the Financial Data APIs (formerly known as CAD). ... Read more

 March 15, 2016 | Emily Silberstein

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Financial Data APIs: duplicate transaction fix

We are testing a new fix to solve for duplicate transactions in our Financial Data APIs. A small number of banks are having duplicate transaction issues caused by changes the bank makes to the transaction after it's initially posted. As we looked across the Intuit ecosystem on how to handle this thorny issue, we found our colleagues working on bank data down under (Australia) had pioneered a fix that we're eager to try out with our developers. ... Read more

 February 9, 2016 | Emily Silberstein

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Use the Intuit Customer Account Data API to Build an App for the Citi US Mobile Challenge

While we’re hoping to see many of you in person at the QuickBooks Connect Hackathon in San Jose next month, we wanted to share a great opportunity with you to enter an online competition. Citi® Mobile Challenge Intuit is proud to help sponsor the Citi Mobile Challenge. This is a great opportunity for developers interested in or already using the Customer Account Data API. The Citi Mobile Challenge is a virtual competition designed to bring together the… Read more

 September 29, 2014 | Lori Fraleigh

Financial Data APIs

IPP Customer Account Data API one step closer to Prime Time

On December 19th, the Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) will be releasing the IPP Customer Account Data API to over 60 third party developers in a broader Limited Availability wave, moving one step closer to a public offering in the data aggregation and categorization market.
 Why are we doing this?
Intuit has been using this in-house aggregation and categorization engine in products like Quicken, QuickBooks, and for a number of years.  Additionally, Intuit has sold the access to this functionality… Read more

 December 10, 2012 | admin

Financial Data APIs

Intuit Partner Platform to Open Financial Data Service APIs to Developers

The Intuit Partner Platform team is excited to announce that we'll be making new APIs available to Intuit’s financial data service on a limited basis in October with wider availability in December. That's right – the same services that power Quicken, QuickBooks, Mint and FinanceWorks will be available to 3rd party developers, creating new opportunities to build the next killer finance apps. You can find out more details about this new service and sign up to receive advance release notices,… Read more

 September 12, 2012 | admin