8 Tips For Tech Detox Success

For many of us, we are always 100% connected, plugged in, or focused on some sort of technology based input. This is not healthy. Tech detoxes are becoming the thing to do, so I recently tried one myself. Here are my tips on how to have a successful tech detox: ... Read more

 March 21, 2016 | David Leary


What is #UnicornLibations? The official history of #UnicornLibations

As we fall on the one year anniversary of #UnicornLibations, I figured this would be a good time to appease some of you that have asked: “What’s with the unicorn?” The Birth of #UnicornLibations Intuit has an annual internal conference called ‘Create the Offering’ (CTOF), essentially it a conference for about half of all Intuit employees that work on creating our products (including services). At last year’s event (CTOF14), the Intuit social team was giving out… Read more

 May 13, 2015 | David Leary