Payments API

What’s New for Developers with Payments APIs

Today we’re very excited to announce that our Payments APIs are out of Beta! Last October, at our QuickBooks Connect conference, we introduced our new Payments API that enabled tokenization and charging of credit cards. The response to the launch of these APIs was really positive. We also received requests for more capabilities for the APIs. We’ve heard your feedback, and are introducing new services that will help you build the very best small… Read more

 May 5, 2015 | admin

Payments API

Introducing the QuickBooks Payments Beta APIs

Payments is essential to the life of any small business. And increasingly it’s a piece that is becoming less physical and more digital. So when we looked at our platform, it only felt natural to add Payments APIs to enhance your ability to build the best apps behind small business success. So let’s take a look at the new QuickBooks Payments APIs. What can these APIs do? We’ve exposed two new endpoints to support payments: tokens and charges. Read more

 November 7, 2014 | admin

Payments API / QuickBooks App Store

The New Developer Experience and What It Means for You as a Developer

Two weeks ago at QuickBooks Connect 2014 we launched a brand new developer experience. We believe it is a big step forward in our vision of delivering the best cloud platform for small business apps. Let me share our product thinking behind this release and what we believe it will mean to you as a developer. Our journey started roughly 6-7 months back with the decision to revamp the developer experience at and address the negative Voice-of-Customer. Read more

 November 5, 2014 | Ketan Kittur

Payments API / QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2014

45 App Pitches, 5 Judges, 4 Prizes … Everyone’s a winner, baby, that’s the truth

It’s been a week since the QuickBooks Connect conference ended, and the hackathon developers have all headed home and gone back to their day jobs. The Intuit Developer team is also back in the office, catching our breath from the excitement of last week, reviewing all the feedback, following up on action items, and planning for what comes next.  One of the biggest highlights of QuickBooks Connect for all of us was the Pitch It event on… Read more

 October 30, 2014 | Lisa Rathjens