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Understanding the Technical Review to get your App published on Apps.com

You've got your app built, tested, and vetted with customers. You know you've got a great solution that accountants and small business owners will love! But how do you get it in front of those customers so they can find it when they need it? Your next step is to publish your app on the QuickBooks App Store at Apps.com (which also puts your app in the Apps tab within QuickBooks Online itself). ... Read more

 March 22, 2016 | Lisa Rathjens

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2016 Guide to Building a Small Business App and Launching on QuickBooks Apps.com

Congratulations! If you are reading this post, you plan on using the QuickBooks Online REST API v3 to seamlessly connect your app to QuickBooks Online (QBO) data and publish it on Apps.com. (If you aren't, you may be missing out on the huge opportunity for developers in the small business market.) Think of this post as being your comprehensive guide to getting your small business solution in front of millions of QuickBooks users, and a network of over 100,000 QuickBooks ProAdvisors. ... Read more

 December 22, 2015 | David Leary

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Overview of Apps.com Review process

Building an app to help the lives of accountants and small businesses can be hard work, and it would be a shame for all that effort to not reach the people who could use it most. QuickBooks Apps.com is a repository that we manage for people who have built apps that integrate into QuickBooks Online. We do this primarily to make sure that our QuickBooks Online users can find the best apps to help run their business, but also to make sure that our developers get the help they need when distributing and marketing their app. In this post we will be covering the three reviews required to publish your app on QuickBooks Apps.com. ... Read more

 December 15, 2015 | Tristan Sokol

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The Big Easy: Intuit Developers Showcase Apps at Scaling New Heights

Last month at Scaling New Heights in the colorful host city of New Orleans, Intuit Developer gave qualifying app developers a whole new meaning to “The Big Easy.” As part of an Intuit Developer promotion, winning developers found many opportunities to present their newly launched QuickBooks Online apps and engage with 1000+ small businesses and accountants in attendance. What made it so easy? In addition to two sponsor passes and free lodging, winning developers received: A dedicated, turnkey booth space… Read more

 July 20, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens