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QuickBooks Online V85 Update

Read on to find out what’s new for developers in the latest release of QuickBooks Online. Employee Entity Payroll Support If you use the Employee entity, you might have come across issues when a company has QuickBooks Payroll enabled. We have improved the integration with Payroll and you can now create and update employees via the V3 API even when Payroll is enabled.  Reports All reports are now available via API regardless of the company SKU. This lets… Read more

 April 30, 2015 | Tony Chang

QuickBooks Online

What’s new for developers in QuickBooks Online V84?

In this post Product Manager Tony Chang shares what’s new for developers with the recent release of QuickBooks Online V84.  In Quickbooks Online V84, we’ve got more accounting API enhancements and fixes for you based on your feedback. Purchase Order Custom Fields We’ve exposed purchase order custom fields through the API enabling you to create, read, update, and delete the custom fields that show up on Purchase Order forms.  Email and PDF support for… Read more

 March 31, 2015 | Tony Chang