Technical Tips

PHP SDK v2.1 for QuickBooks Online Now Available

Today we are happy to announce the availability of v2.1 of the PHP SDK for QuickBooks. This version of the SDK includes addition of several new entities as well as bug fixes. Accounting Look for these improvements: TaxService entity added. Provides ability to create TaxCode and TaxRate objects. Capability to Email Invoice, Estimate and SalesReceipt objects. The format of the email content is dependent on the user’s company settings. Capability… Read more

 July 28, 2015 | Vishal Aggarwal


Customer Account Data – PHP Example

Last week I posted: QuickBooks OAuth – PHP Example which featured code and a pre-constructed environment for you to quickly run the example. Today, I am posting a similar example for the Customer Account Data (CAD) API. This example is even better than the last one, as you can simply click run.  It uses my set of test tokens to pull data from the API directly.  Also the example includes all the major calls that you would… Read more

 March 11, 2014 | admin