QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Come to QuickBooks Connect and the Developer Hackathon

Not that you need it, but we’ve put together the top ten reasons why you should absolutely attend QuickBooks Connect and the Intuit Developer Hackathon, November 1-3rd in San Jose, CA.  Click here to register! Meet the Intuit Developer Group Team: Want to meet David Leary in person? He’ll be there! What about Jarred Keneally, Lori Fraleigh, Jo Peach… Read more

 August 17, 2015 | Annie Terry

QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2015

See you later QuickBooks Connect Local, See you SOON QuickBooks Connect!

Today, I’m heading to the last stop of Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect Local city tour in Chicago. The Windy City will host the biggest of these events, which have also been held in Boulder and Atlanta. QuickBooks Connect Local focuses on helping small business owners grow their businesses by providing expert advice on hiring, marketing, and finance. These local events also give small business owners the chance to meet and hear from local… Read more

 July 15, 2015 | Jo Peach

QuickBooks Online

What’s New for Developers with QuickBooks Online v87?

A new version of QuickBooks Online was released last week. Here’s a summary of what’s new with the product and the APIs. Accounting U.S. companies now support multicurrency. By default, multicurrency is off for global and U.S. companies. Turn on multicurrency using the company settings. See the currency documentation and this recent blog post for more details. There is now support for inventory adjustment dates using… Read more

 July 1, 2015 | Tony Chang