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.NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of the .NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks. This version of the SDK includes the addition of several new entities, as well as bug fixes. Accounting – Capability to Email Invoice, Estimate, and SalesReceipt objects. The format of the email content is dependent on the user’s company settings.  – Capability to Void SalesReceipt and Payment objects with payment type of Cash or Check, only.  – Capability to retrieve PDF… Read more

 August 24, 2015 | Vishal Aggarwal


Don’t Read This Post – Not Worth Your Time – Just Some New API Features

Seriously, stop reading right now.  You have too many other things to worry about.  IPP is launching too many new features;  there is simply no way to keep up with it all.  So I don’t blame you for stopping right here…. stopping right here… ugh, you are’t going to stop are you?  Well since you insist on continuing to read, you clearly have too much time on your hands.  In that case, here is a… Read more

 August 5, 2014 | admin


QuickBooks API V3 – New Entities Released

Today marks an exciting point in the development of the QuickBooks V3 API. The Intuit Partner Platform launched a new set of entities.  The use of the API is still restricted to Early Adopters and is on track for a public release later this year.   V3 Docs Months ago Intuit Partner Platform outlined a plan to produce a staged launch of the entities for the API. With this… Read more

 July 23, 2013 | admin


QuickBooks API v3 Webinar Recording

Thank you to the folks who joined us for yesterday’s webinar. Please find below the recording and slides. Webinar slides If you have questions please refer your questions over to our Support channel.  … Read more

 February 22, 2013 | admin


Upcoming Intuit App Center Updates

With our next IPP release scheduled for December 18, we’re making a couple of exciting improvements to Intuit App Center. App Presentation Order The biggest change is that apps in App Center will no longer be presented in alphabetical order. We will be presenting apps based on a simple formula: number of reviews x star rating (to represent quality). This is a change that the IPP developer community has been asking for and is a significant step to enable developers to control their App Center placement… Read more

 November 30, 2012 | admin


ProOnGo: Ushering in the Era of QuickBooks-Compatible Mobile Apps

The following is a "guest" blog post, by Phillip Leslie is Founder & CEO of ProOnGo LLC, maker of ProOnGo Expense and numerous other QuickBooks-compatible mobile apps. He can be reached at phillip at —- Thinking about building a mobile app that connects to QuickBooks? Welcome. There has never been a better time to do so! Lets review. Just five years ago, of about 219M mobile subscribers in the U.S., just 9.1M of them hadever used a “downloaded application”. Today, there are… Read more

 May 18, 2012 | admin