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How to Market your App on Apps.com

Your first question may be: Why should I become a QuickBooks Online developer?  First, your app will get published on Apps.com, a unique app store that caters specifically to small businesses. Second, your app will get seen by hundreds of thousands of small-business owners. Every month, more than 600,000 unique visitors come to Apps.com and more than 100,000 of those visitors evaluate one or more apps. Exposre will only continue to grow as more small businesses adopt the cloud and… Read more

 April 14, 2015 | Jo Peach

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The New Developer Experience and What It Means for You as a Developer

Two weeks ago at QuickBooks Connect 2014 we launched a brand new developer experience. We believe it is a big step forward in our vision of delivering the best cloud platform for small business apps. Let me share our product thinking behind this release and what we believe it will mean to you as a developer. Our journey started roughly 6-7 months back with the decision to revamp the developer experience at developer.intuit.com and address the negative Voice-of-Customer. Read more

 November 5, 2014 | Ketan Kittur