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Overview of Apps.com Review process

Building an app to help the lives of accountants and small businesses can be hard work, and it would be a shame for all that effort to not reach the people who could use it most. QuickBooks Apps.com is a repository that we manage for people who have built apps that integrate into QuickBooks Online. We do this primarily to make sure that our QuickBooks Online users can find the best apps to help run their business, but also to make sure that our developers get the help they need when distributing and marketing their app. In this post we will be covering the three reviews required to publish your app on QuickBooks Apps.com. ... Read more

 December 15, 2015 | Tristan Sokol

Technical Tips

It’s a Security Issue! Practical Tips for Common Web Application Security Vulnerabilities.

This is a guest post from our partner and service provider, Cigital.Cigital has been conducting vulnerability scans of applications using the QuickBooks API for the past few years. Though these applications are coming from different companies, we are observing the same set of issues repeatedly. This blog post points to the top HIGH severity issues we observe repeatedly in the vulnerability scans, the impact from each of these issues, and how best to prevent these issues. The… Read more

 September 16, 2014 | Jarred Keneally