Your Intuit Developer account comes automatically provisioned with a private US sandbox environment for testing your app’s features and integration. This sandbox looks and acts just like a typical QuickBooks company, but comes pre-provisioned with data so you can use it to test API calls. It is valid for up to two years.

Launch a sandbox

  1. Access the Manage Sandboxes page.

  2. Click on the Company Name of the sandbox you want to launch.


    When you click on ‘+ Add a sandbox company’ button, you will be presented with a choice of selecting from the two QuickBooks SKUs – QuickBooks Online Plus or QuickBooks Online Advanced.




You cannot open multiple sandboxes or live production accounts in the same browser simultaneously. To work around this:

  • Sign out of one, or use different browsers, like Chrome for your sandbox and Firefox for the production account.
  • Use your browser’s private or incognito mode to work in these multiple environments simultaneously.
  • Switch companies directly from the QuickBooks Online UI by clicking the Gear Icon -> Switch Company.

Regions supported

QuickBooks Online Plus-

Sandboxes are supported for the following regions:

In addition to the US sandbox that comes automatically provisioned with your account, you can have up to nine more sandboxes distributed as you like across the supported regions.



Choose your sandbox allocation wisely. Once you have created a sandbox, you cannot change its country designation. You may however delete a specific sandbox company as needed. At any given time, you can have a maximum of 10 Sandbox companies.

Sandbox data sets

The data set in the sandbox varies by region:


Construction Trade

  • 141 transactions
  • 31 customers
  • 26 vendors
  • 4 employees
  • 20 items
  • 90 accounts

Party Planning Services

  • 163 transactions
  • 30 customers
  • 38 vendors
  • 0 employees
  • 19 items
  • 102 accounts

Party Planning Services

  • 173 transactions
  • 29 customers
  • 37 vendors
  • 0 employees
  • 21 items
  • 95 accounts

Party Planning Services

  • 146 transactions
  • 29 customers
  • 37 vendors
  • 0 employees
  • 18 items
  • 51 accounts

Party Planning Services

  • 164 transactions
  • 32 customers
  • 35 vendors
  • 0 employees
  • 20 items
  • 80 accounts

Manufacturing Business

  • 31 transactions
  • 12 customers
  • 3 vendors
  • 2 employees
  • 15 items
  • 118 accounts

QuickBooks Online Advanced-

Currently, the QuickBooks Advanced sandbox is available only for the United States region. Also, the APIs for extra features in QuickBooks Online Advanced (as compared to the QuickBooks Online Plus SKU) are not currently available to the developers, but you can test your App in a QuickBooks Online Advanced environment.

Sandbox base URLs

Use this base URL to make calls to your sandbox companies.

Sandbox help

To get the most out of your sandbox, find tips and answers to common questions in our community forum and Sandbox FAQs. If you’re stumped or suspect something’s not working right, contact our team.



Use your sandbox only for app development. Intuit provides this environment, content, and sample data for non-commercial use and testing only.