Manage your sandboxes

You can create, access, and modify your sandboxes via the Manage Sandboxes page.

Create a sandbox

Create a sandbox by specifying the region and clicking Add.

  • Once a sandbox is created, you cannot change its country designation.
  • A sandbox cannot be deleted, only the data within it can be (see below).
  • Once your allocation is exhausted, the Add button is disabled.

Delete sandbox data

You cannot delete sandboxes themselves, but you can delete the data contained within them.

From the Manage Sandboxes page, click the drop-down arrow next to Go to company for the target sandbox and click Delete all data.


The following confirmation message displays:


Click Yes to proceed with the delete operation.


This action deletes all data objects for the target company, both originally supplied when the sandbox was first created and objects subsequently created via the UI or the QuickBooks Online API.