Get reviews for your app

We encourage you to promote your app after you list it on the QuickBooks App Store.

A great way is to ask app users to review and rate your app. Reviews and ratings impact your app’s ranking on the QuickBooks App Store. Positive reviews may attract new potential users. Most importantly, it’s a chance to connect with users and learn from your users.

Here are tips for getting great app reviews that represent the authentic voice of your users. And, don’t forget to check out our advertising and marketing guidelines.

Learn how customer app reviews work

Whenever a user submits a review, an object third-party platform screens them before it’s posted. They’ll reject any reviews flagged for fraud or inappropriate language. We won’t post rejected reviews on your app’s QuickBooks App Store page.

If we reject a review, users have the option to rewrite and resubmit it.

In order to preserve the objectivity of our review system, we will not remove negative reviews or low ratings on request from developers.

Note on batches of reviews: We know some developers like to run training sessions for their apps. It’s common to ask users to write a review at the end of the session. Be aware that if a batch of reviews is submitted within a short period of time, or from the same computer, our screeners may flag them as fraud and reject them. We encourage you to engage with your users however you like, but consider spacing out reviews.
Ask users to review your app

Before you start, check out this article about how and when to ask users to write reviews. Remember, the way you approach your users can have a direct impact on their sentiments.

Small business owners are very busy. But if you make the process easy for them, many are willing to take the time and write a review.

Let’s create a pair of links you can send to users: one that goes to your review tab on the QuickBooks App Store, and another that opens a review form for your app.

For example:

For example example:

Tip: Here’s how to set an app’s permalink.
Learn app review tips and tricks

Here are tips and tricks for getting great app reviews. These guidelines apply to all the content submitted in the review section of your app card, including but not limited to ratings, reviews, recommendations, helpfulness votes, and comments.

Be engaged: Reach out directly and thank reviewers

Always respond to reviews, both positive and negative. Show users you’re listening and you care. Users who take the time to leave reviews appreciate when you answer back. Publicly thank them.

Positive reviewers can become your biggest cheerleaders! Prospective users may be encouraged if they see you respond to negative feedback and engage with reviewers. It’s also an opportunity to turn detractors into advocates.

Be informed: Set up email alerts for new app reviews

Want to get notified whenever there’s a new review? Submit a support ticket <>_ so we can stay in touch.

On the support ticket, select from the Product dropdown and Email alerts for new reviews from the Category dropdown.

Be proactive: Respond to reviews and update users

If a user posts a complaint, address it directly. Guide users through negative experiences. Let other users know if there’s a widespread problem affecting your platform. Handling issues in a professional manner goes a long way.

Remember, we don’t remove negative reviews or low ratings on request from developers. This preserves the objectivity of our review system.

Be creative: Run contests and sweepstakes

We encourage app developers to simply ask users to write reviews in the right way at the right time.

If you want to further incentivize them, consider running contests or sweepstakes.

Learn more about running a sweepstakes

Learn more about running a sweepstakes

Sweepstakes definition

When a qualified person submits an app review on the QuickBooks App Store before the stated deadline, they are entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a prize.

Sweepstakes rules

To encourage authenticity:

  • Ensure all submissions have an equal chance to win.
  • State explicitly that positive and negative reviews qualify for entry.
  • Don’t allow your employees to participate in the sweepstakes.

Managing sweepstakes

Launching a successful sweepstakes requires coordination. It typically involves your marketing and legal teams, takes 1-2 weeks to plan, and 2-3 weeks to run. Here’s a basic timeline:

  • Determine the sweepstakes prize
  • Set the duration of the sweepstakes
  • Identify sweepstakes mechanics and legal structure, such as number of winners, the method for choosing a winner, and legal disclaimers such as age requirements
  • Promote the sweepstakes to users who complete reviews
  • Track reviews for the duration of the sweepstakes
  • Select and announce the winner(s), and send them their prize

Check out this case study of an app developer who successfully ran prize drawings to boost reviewer engagement.

QuickBooks App Store rights

Intuit reserves the right not to post reviews on the QuickBooks App Store website when suspicious activity or potential conflicts of interest could be present such as, but not limited to:

QuickBooks App Store review incentive policy

Reviewers must not be given a direct financial incentive of any form for writing a review. This includes:

However, potential reviewers may be invited to participate in a giveaway or sweepstakes program. They may be chosen via a lucky draw to receive an incentive for the time spent writing the review. Participation in such a program does not require a disclosure in the review.

Under no circumstances must a prize be tied to the rating of the review. Potential reviewers may be encouraged to write a review, but not to give your app a specific rating.