App settings

The Settings tab lets you customize all aspects of the app, including the name, image, and various URLs necessary for obtaining your production keys and releasing the app. Modify these settings prior to attempting to publish your app and click save when finished.

About your app

Intuit Single Sign-On settings

These settings impact how your app interacts with the QuickBooks app store and how users sign into your app. Refer to the section below that corresponds to your app’s authentication model.

For apps using Intuit Single Sign-On



OAuth 1.0 will be disabled as of December 17, 2019. If you are currently using OAuth 1.0 for your apps (including apps still under development), be sure you migrate to OAuth 2.0 and (if applicable) OpenID Connect by December 17, 2019.

For apps not using Intuit Single Sign-On

When you have selected No for the Intuit Single Sign-On field, these options will be available.

Terms of service

You must provide URLs for your app’s EULA and Privacy Policy before you can get production keys.



If your app is privately published, you still need to provide the End User License Agreement URL and the Privacy Policy URL to get your production keys. This is not an app publishing requirement but rather an OAuth 2.0 protocol requirement. For any apps that support the OAuth 2.0 protocol, when end users click on the “Connect to QuickBooks” button or image, they are authorizing the app to access their QuickBooks Online Company. Thus they are required to consent and understand what their rights and obligations are.