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Intuit Developer Visits TheFamily in Paris

Last week I was in Paris and got a chance to visit TheFamily, a startup incubator that nurtures entrepreneurs through education, unfair advantages, and capital. I was joined by Hugh Molotsi, Cedric Menager, Rafael de la Vega, Siddharth Ram, and Abdenour Bezzouh.  Hugh had visited TheFamily once before, but this was my… Read more

 June 23, 2015 | Avi Golan

Technical Tips

Important Update: Multicurrency for US Companies Coming in QuickBooks Online v87

In QuickBooks Online v87 (to be released at the end of June), we will provide US QuickBooks Online companies the capability to enable multicurrency, a highly requested feature. Multicurrency is already available to global QuickBooks Online companies. If you are familiar with the multicurrency feature for global companies, then this post simply outlines some of the differences with US multicurrency. There are no additional features for US multicurrency. If you are new to multicurrency altogether, please read on to ensure your integration… Read more

 June 18, 2015 | Tony Chang

Developer Tools

Canada and India Sandbox Now Available!

As a follow up to the “Sandbox Goes Global” announcement, today we are happy to announce the support for Canada (CA) and India (IN) regions in our QuickBooks Online Sandbox developer environment. The addition of Canada and India now takes the regions supported in the sandbox environment to five: US, AU, UK, CA, IN Sandbox Environments for CA and IN You can create CA and IN sandboxes from the “Manage Sandboxes” page. To get to the “Manage Sandboxes”… Read more

 June 16, 2015 | Vishal Aggarwal

News / QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2015

QuickBooks Connect 2015 Coming in November

Have you heard? QuickBooks Connect 2015 is coming back to San Jose in November, and registration is open and in full swing. If you attended last year’s event, you already know QuickBooks Connect is a great chance to See the latest innovations on the QuickBooks platform and hear how to take advantage of them in your app. Learn how to reach more customers and more effectively market your solutions. Be inspired to create new solutions… Read more

 June 16, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens


Intuit Developer Heads to Tel Aviv to Meet Local Developers and Entrepreneurs

The Intuit Developer Group is excited to head to Tel Aviv later this month. Intuit is a multi-national company through our recent acquisitions of Porticor and Check. We’re looking forward to meeting with local Intuit employees as well as learning more about the local startup scene and the innovation taking place in the developer community. We’re working with long-time Intuit partner Citi to showcase why the small business market is the next big… Read more

 June 16, 2015 | Avi Golan


Intuit Developer Has a New Services Dashboard

We know we’ve had some mis-steps in keeping you informed in a timely and consistent way about the status of our site and services, maintenance, outages, and up/down time.  We’ve heard you, and we have made some changes that we think you’ll like. We are excited to tell you that we have launched a new and much improved status dashboard. Check it out at The new site is powered by… Read more

 June 15, 2015 | Priya Vijayakumar

Developer Tools

Announcing Intuit AppConnect Beta

Last August, we announced that the itDuzzit cloud integration platform was acquired by Intuit. In the months since the acquisition, the itDuzzit team has been hard at work integrating itDuzzit technology into Intuit’s stack. Internally, Intuit teams have been using itDuzzit for strategic integrations, innovation experiments, and many other initiatives. Now we’re ready to announce that 3rd-party developers can use itDuzzit in its new Intuit version – Intuit AppConnect Beta! Intuit AppConnect is an iPaaS (integration… Read more

 June 12, 2015 | Lisa Rathjens

QuickBooks App Store

Improved Search Functionality in our QuickBooks App Store

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new search engine on the QuickBooks App Store that will help customers find the apps that are just right for them and their small businesses. Whether they are searching from the Apps tab inside QuickBooks Online or on the web at, searching for the right app is now easier and more accurate. The new search engine will crawl through all the details on your app’s profile page (excluding user reviews). Read more

 June 10, 2015 | Kevin Hwa

QuickBooks Online

What’s New for Developers in QuickBooks Online V86?

QuickBooks Online V86 has been released, including several API bug fixes and updates. Accounting BillPayment now allows you to supply a TotalAmt greater than the attached lines. This allows for the use case of overpaying bills, which results in credits being generated. Negative tax rates are now supported for certain global use cases. Two previously missing fields have been exposed: On Purchase, we have exposed PaymentMethodRef, allowing you to retrieve and set the payment… Read more

 June 2, 2015 | Tony Chang