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QuickBooks Desktop / QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online App ID Mapping

Companies using QuickBooks desktop that migrate to QuickBooks Online (via the “Export to QuickBooks Online” menu option in QuickBooks desktop) can have a hard time mapping the transaction and list ids associated with their QuickBooks desktop data to their QuickBooks Online data. When the data is migrated to QuickBooks Online, these IDs are no longer available via the QuickBooks Accounting API (V3 API services used IDs that are generated inside of QuickBooks Online). This problem is now addressed in the QuickBooks… Read more

 August 26, 2015 | Jo Peach

QuickBooks Online

What’s New for Developers in QuickBooks Online v88?

A new version of QuickBooks Online was recently released. Read on for a summary of what’s new for developers with the product and the APIs. Accounting In the last release (v87) we added multicurrency capabilities for U.S. companies. In the v88 release, we are adding several important enhancements to support interacting with multiple currencies using our API. Entity enhancements: Deposit and Transfer entities have been supplemented with currency related fields to bring them on par with other entities when… Read more

 August 25, 2015 | Tony Chang

Developer Tools / SDKs

.NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks Now Available

We are excited to announce the availability of the .NET SDK v2.3 for QuickBooks. This version of the SDK includes the addition of several new entities, as well as bug fixes. Accounting – Capability to Email Invoice, Estimate, and SalesReceipt objects. The format of the email content is dependent on the user’s company settings.  – Capability to Void SalesReceipt and Payment objects with payment type of Cash or Check, only.  – Capability to retrieve PDF… Read more

 August 24, 2015 | Vishal Aggarwal

QuickBooks Connect / QuickBooks Connect 2015

Top Ten Reasons to Come to QuickBooks Connect and the Developer Hackathon

Not that you need it, but we’ve put together the top ten reasons why you should absolutely attend QuickBooks Connect and the Intuit Developer Hackathon, November 1-3rd in San Jose, CA.  Click here to register! Meet the Intuit Developer Group Team: Want to meet David Leary in person? He’ll be there! What about Jarred Keneally, Lori Fraleigh, Jo Peach… Read more

 August 17, 2015 | Annie Terry