What to expect during the app review process

When you list your app on the QuickBooks App Store, it needs to pass a three-part review.

During the review, we’ll assess the quality and functionality of your app. We’ll also check to make sure it meets our branding requirements.

Your app must meet all the requirements before we can publish it on the QuickBooks App Store.

Learn about each step of the app review

The app review process has three main parts:

Ensure your app meets these requirements before you submit it for review. If an app fails any stage of the review, you’ll need to fix thise issues and resubmit to continue the process.

Typical review timeline

Here’s the general process:

We’ll communicate with you throughout the review process to provide status updates and advice for what to do next.

Review Typical response time
Technical review 3 business days
Security review 7 business days
Marketing review 5 business days
Expedite the review

Here are a few tips for getting approved quickly:

Need more help? Follow this link to open a support case.

Keep your app compliant

In addition to this initial review, all apps published on the QuickBooks App Store must continue to meet these requirements.

Intuit reviews all published apps on an annual basis, or more frequently at Intuit’s discretion. This ensures apps continue to meet our required technical and security standards.