What to expect during the review

Learn more about what to expect once you submit your app for review.
  • We send you an email to setup a call to go over the requirements within two days of you submitting your app for review.
  • Our technical review team will review your app and get back to you with comments if needed.
  • A 3rd party security review team will complete a detailed security diagnosis of your app.
  • The marketing review team will ensure that all the marketing guidelines are follow.
  • A confirmation email is sent to you asking if you are ready to publish to the appstore.
  • Once you confirm that you would like to publish, you app will be live on the QuickBooks appstore!
  • Intuit checks all apps annually to ensure that they still meet the technical and security standards required.
App review response time
Please follow the review requirements before you submit your app for review. You will need to resubmit your app for review if your app does not meet the requirements. The response time below applies each time you submit your app.
Technical review 3 business days
Security review 7 business days
Marketing review 1 business day
What’s next