What to expect during the app review process

When you list your app on the QuickBooks App Store, it needs to undergo a review. We’ll assess the quality and functionality of your app. We’ll also check if it meets our branding requirements.

The review has three parts: a technical review, a security review, and a marketing review. Your app must meet all the requirements before we can publish it on the QuickBooks App Store. If approved, you can begin your marketing campaign and announce your listing on the QuickBooks App Store. Here are tips for how to promote and market your app.

Learn about each step of the app review

Here’s a brief overview of the review process:

  1. We’ll send you an email to setup a call to go over the requirements within two business days of you submitting your app for review. Make sure you check the mailbox associated with your developer account. If you’re using the teams feature, the email will go to the account that created the app.
  2. After the phone call, our technical review team will review your app. We’ll get back to you with comments if needed.
  3. If any medium-priority or higher issues were found, you’ll need to resolve them and resubmit your app to continue the review process.
  4. When your app has passed the technical review, a 3rd-party security review team will complete a detailed security diagnosis of your app. They will send the results by email.
  5. Once you have remediated any required issues from the security report, you’ll need to send us an acknowledgement of that action by email.
  6. After we receive your acknowledgement email, the marketing review team will start their review. They will ensure all the marketing guidelines are followed for each submitted country. We’ll follow up by email if needed.
  7. In particular, the marketing team will assess the content of the app cards. Since the content can may different for each country, the marketing team will review each country’s app card individually.
  8. If your app completes the entire review, we’ll send a confirmation email asking if you’re ready to publish your app. There will be separate emails for each country you plan to list in.
  9. When you’re ready, select the link in the email to publish your app live on the QuickBooks App Store!
App review response time

Please ensure your app meets all the requirements before you submit it for review. If an app fails any stage of the review, you will need to fix any issues and resubmit the app to continue the process.

Here are typical response times for each step of the review process:

Review step Typical response time
Technical review 3 business days
Security review 7 business days
Marketing review 5 business days
How to expedite the review

Here’s how to have a smooth review and get your app approved quickly:

  • Make sure your Intuit Developer Account contact info, and especially your email address, is up-to-date.
  • Be responsive to emails from the review teams.
  • Set up a test environment and credentials for your app so our review team can use them to do their review.
  • Submit a support ticket outlining the steps we should follow to test the data flow between your app and QuickBooks.

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Link to a video which shows how to use your app
  • Link to any documentation with support information
  • Provide any account credentials and keys needed to install and sign in to your app (if applicable)
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on how to test the app’s integration with QuickBooks
  • Any special caveats or tips to help us better understand your app

Need more help? Follow this link to open a support case.

Keep your app compliant

In addition to this initial review, all apps published on the QuickBooks App Store must continue to meet these requirements.

Intuit reviews all published apps on an annual basis, or more frequently at Intuit’s discretion. This ensures apps continue to meet our required technical and security standards.