Market your app

Now that your app is listed in the QuickBooks App Store, we want to help you with it’s long-term success.

There are many ways to get the word out about your app. We encourage you to advertise and promote your app through multiple channels.

Here are tips for putting your best foot forward while staying within our marketing and advertising guidelines.

List on the QuickBooks App Store

Listing in the QuickBooks App Store potentially puts your app in front of millions of QuickBooks Online users. It’s one of the easiest ways to get exposure.

If you haven’t already, learn how to list your app in the QuickBooks App Store.

Review marketing, design, and branding guidelines

When you fill out your app card, you may notice recommendations about logos, app naming conventions, and certain trademarks. It’s important you keep these requirements in mind as you promote your app on various platforms.

Promote your app

Here are a great ways you can get the word out:

Marketing opportunities with Intuit

Eligibility for marketing or promotions with Intuit depends on several factors, such as the popularity of your app with QuickBooks Online customers.

We’re always on the lookout for great apps that solve big small business problems. Primarily, we look for apps with:

Consider going global

QuickBooks has official app stores in the following countries:

You list in as many app stores as you’d like, but each listing requires its own review. App stores are region-specific. This helps connect your app with the right audience.

Keep these tips in mind if you have a global audience:

  • Test your app with regionally-specific versions of QuickBooks Online for each country you plan to launch in.
  • You may need to provide support for users in multiple time zones.
  • Consider localizing your documentation for each country you support.
  • Clearly define the currencies your app supports. This should include the home (default) currency and any special vendor, customer, or employee currencies. Learn how to manage multiple currencies in your app.
  • Transaction objects implement legitimate tax structures. Learn more about the global tax model.
  • Use supported character encoding:
    • US versions of QuickBooks Online support ISO-8859-1 (extended ASCII) character encoding
    • Non-US versions of QuickBooks Online support UTF-8 character encoding
Keep your app compliant

Besides just promotion, take proactive steps so you’re always ready for the annual technical and security review. All apps listed in the QuickBooks App Store must go through the annual review on the anniversary of publication.

We do reviews to make sure apps continue meeting our marketing, technical, and security. Here’s how to maintain compliance year-round.