List on the app store

List on the QuickBooks app store

Listing your app on the app store allows over two million QuickBooks Online users to access your application.

If you make your app Accountant ready , you will enable accountants around the world to install your app on behalf of their clients. You can learn about the benefits of publishing to the app store here or visit the QuickBooks app store to learn more.
Use this checklist to successfully publish to the app store:
Prerequisites: Get production keys
  1. In your app’s details visit List on the app store to view requirements for listing your app on our store.

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  1. Choose if your app will implement Intuit Single Sign-On or not. Learn about the single sign on models
Note: You need to implement Single Sign On to be Accountant ready.
  1. Configure app settings
  1. Review and meet technical requirements
The technical review process tests your app to make sure it meets the quality and functionality standards required by the QuickBooks app store.
  1. Review and meet security requirements
The security review tests your app on how it handles user data and secure connections, as required by the QuickBooks app store.
  1. Complete app listing by following these naming and logo guidelines
Your app listing is the public face of your app. It is what users first see when they are looking for an app to meet their needs.
  1. Review and meet marketing requirements
This is to ensure that there are no typos, branding is consistent, and that users will find your app easily.
  1. Submit for review
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